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Pet Odor Removal

Your pets are part of the family – but that doesn’t mean you want your house to smell like them.

Pets can make it a real challenge to keep your home clean, healthy and smelling fresh, especially when accidents occur. Some odor can be created from accidents or from a pet getting sick, but most pet odors are a result of bacteria.

Pure Dry’s Pet Treatment breaks down the bacteria and protein that causes odor. That’s right, we don’t just mask the odor with perfume; we actually kill the bacteria-causing odor. By using the same process we use to get rid of common household odors, such as smoke or food odors, we break down molecules found deep in the carpet that are the source of the odors.

Our treatment destroys odor causing bacteria, allergens, and disease causing germs. It also provides long lasting residual protection, so it keeps working long after we apply it.

Pure Dry Carpet Care|Pet Odor Removal
Pure Dry Carpet Care|Pet Odor Removal
Pure Dry Carpet Care|Pet Odor Removal
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Pure Dry Carpet Care|Pet Odor Removal

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Expert Pet Odor Removal Services

Pet odors in your house can be anywhere from mildly uncomfortable to very embarrassing. In addition to that, it can be very hard to remove the unwanted scents. However, not only is pet odor removal important for getting rid of the smell, but it is also critical to prevent re-soiling in areas and to avoid some health hazards that pet soiling can cause.

Unfortunately, unless a previous odor is completely eliminated, pets will continue to re-soil in a preferred area. Cats, dogs and other animals have a much better sense of smell compared to humans. So even when you cannot detect an odor any longer, your pet might still smell a certain scent and cause it to re-soil in a certain area.

Pure Dry Carpet Care|Pet Odor Removal

Professional pet odor removal will ensure that odors are completely eliminated from the carpet fibers. That is due to the cleaning process we use that involves cleaners that have been designed to breakdown biological matter and remove it.

After the cleaning and treatment, it is very important to make use of animal behavior techniques to prevent soiling other areas of your house or re-soiling certain areas.