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Carpet Restretching and Repair

Pure Dry Carpet Care | Carpet Restretching and RepairCarpets getting so worn down that you’re thinking about replacing them? Do they have discoloration or damage? Don’t spend all of that money to replace your carpets just yet.
Pure Dry Carpet Care has a combined 80 years of experience in carpet repair. From a carpet burn, bleach spot, damage from a pet, or wrinkles in your carpet – we can transform seemingly irreparable carpets to a nearly new condition. We are so confident in our restoration processes that we offer a guarantee for the life of the carpet in the areas that we have repaired.

An Introduction to Our Carpet Re-stretching and Repair Services

Welcome to our carpet cleaning site, where you can find out about all of our services, including carpet re-stretching and repair. No matter what the current condition of the carpeting in your home, we will do everything possible to make it look great again. While cleaning your carpets regularly is a vital maintenance step, it is not always sufficient to ensure they look fantastic.

There are many situations where you might need your carpet stretched or repaired. Whether you are concerned about a small place in one room or have multiple worries related to your carpeting, we are here to help you with our carpet re-stretching and repair service. Our technicians will assess each situation independently and provide you with the options for taking care of it.

Pet Damage Carpet Repair Services

Pure Dry Carpet Care | Carpet Restretching and RepairThere are many different reasons that you might need to have your carpets repaired. One of the most common complaints that we have from people with damaged carpets relates to pets. If you have dogs, cats or other types of animals in your home, you are likely going to experience carpet issues at some point. We can help to clean any waste from the animals that might have gotten into your carpets, but pets can create other types of damage as well.  Cats are known scratchers, and that can sometimes include your carpeting. While providing them with scratching posts can give them an opportunity to sharpen their claws safely, it doesn’t fix any damage that has already occurred. Likewise, dogs are sometimes known to scratch at carpeting, particularly around doors they want to open.
In either instance, our carpet repair services can be used to help you get the problem under control. We will fix the carpet while you take care of training your pet about the appropriate places for their little paws.

Carpet Burn Repairs

Another common repair problem we encounter is carpet burns. This can be especially problematic if you own rental properties. Whether the burns are from cigarettes or other substances, they create an unsightly mess on your carpets. However, our technicians can determine the best way to repair the area or suggest a replacement if the damage is extensive enough.

Pure Dry Carpet Care | Carpet Restretching and RepairProfessional Carpet Stain Removal

Bleach, wine and other liquids can create large, hideous stains on your carpeting. Even if you have started cleaning the area immediately, the damage can still be problematic. However, we can help get it taken care of so that the stains will be nothing more than a memory of an accident.

Carpet Re-Stretching Services

There are several reasons that you might need to have your carpet re-stretched, including poor installation.  If your carpets were not appropriately stretched when you had them installed, the materials will loosen over time. Unfortunately, there are some contractors who don’t properly stretch carpets during the installation process. Although it is time-consuming, if it is not done, the carpet will not lay flat.

Carpeting that is bunching up in certain places, has lumps or bumps, or just wiggles around is dangerous for you and others. It can create a tripping hazard and make taking care of the room more difficult. However, we can re-stretch the carpet to remove any ripples and bumps that are there and to prevent new ones from occurring.

Carpet Seam Repairs

Another problem that can arise due to poor installation involves seams that are not properly secured. If the edges of the carpet are not affixed to the edges of the room and other connection points, the result will be loose carpet that creates tripping hazards over a period of time. Split seams should be fixed as soon as you realize there is a problem and before it causes an injury!

Professional Re-Installation

If you pulled up the carpets in order to install new cabinets or other permanent fixtures in the room, it is important that you have it relaid by a professional carpet team. We will make sure that it is properly positioned and stretched so that the whole room looks great!

Contact Pure Dry for Professional Carpet Repairs Today

We are proud to offer a wide range of services to clients throughout the area. Whether you are in need of a complete installation for the entire home or have a few minor repairs that need tending, you can contact our offices today to arrange for a consultation appointment. One of our certified technicians will inspect the areas that you need repaired and re-stretched. Then, we will go over your options, including the prices and expected time frame for completion. Once you have decided how you want to proceed with fixing your carpets, we will handle everything quickly and professionally so you can get back to enjoying your home! Call us today for an appointment.

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