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Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning​

Pure Dry Carpet Care | Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning​When you have invested in high-quality area rugs, you want to be sure your rugs are cared for in a way that ensures your rugs will last a long time. At Pure Dry Carpet Care, we offer Oriental and area rug cleaning that cleans and protects your rugs by providing a deep, thorough cleaning you can only get with professional cleaning services.

Like carpets, rugs will trap sand, dirt, allergens, and other particles within the rug fibers. Rugs are actually designed to trap and hide dirt, and will often appear clean even if they are really dirty. Some rugs can hide several pounds of dirt! These trapped partices are often coarse or sharp and can damage the fibers of your rug over time. Let Pure Dry professionally clean your rugs. Our area rug cleaning process will leave your rugs fresh and clean!


How We Clean Area Rugs

Most area rugs require special handling and should not be cleaned using the same methods as carpet cleaning. Because area rugs can trap so much dirt, a more thorough cleaning process is necessary to loosen and remove the dirt and clean the rug fibers. Pure Dry offers in-plant area rug cleaning, which means we will clean your rugs at our professional rug washing facility where they will receive the very best care.

Our Rug Cleaning Process


Area rugs vary in construction, materials, and design, and all of these things can affect the way we will clean your rugs. When we first receive your rugs, we’ll identify the rug material, test for colorfastness, and identify the safest and best way to clean the rug.

Dry Soil Removal

Before the rug is cleaned, we will remove as much dry soil as possible. Rugs are vacuumed and “dusted” using specialized machines that gently beats the rugs, loosening the soil.

Rug Washing

Depending on the construction and material of the rug, we will use the appropriate cleaning method to efectively clean the rug. This can range from low-moisture methods to full-submersion washing. Rest assured, our rug cleaning specialists are experienced and certified to ensure your rugs are cleaned using the best method. 


After the rugs are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, any excess water is extracted and the rugs are prepared for drying. Most rugs are then hung to dry in a climate-controlled environment. 

Grooming & Fringe Cleaning

Once the rug is dry, we will carefully groom the rug fibers in the direction of the rug pile. This ensures a soft, beautiful rug and also helps to remove any lose fibers. If your rugs have fringe, an additional step may be needed to clean and brighten the fringe before grooming.

Fabric Protection

If desired, Pure Dry can apply fabric protector to protect your rugs against stains and soiling.


Contact Pure Dry for Professional Rug Cleaning Today

Pure Dry Carpet Care is committed to providing only the best area rug cleaning services for our customers. We have the exeperience and training to be among the best area rug cleaners in the area, and we’ll go above and beyond to ensure your rugs are taken care of in the way they deserve. 

Contact us today if you want to experience the very best in area rug cleaning! 

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