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Our pricing is based on the type of room and the treatments that are needed. Please call 678-675-3312 for more information on pricing.

With our process it takes 1-5 hours to dry depending on soiling and any post cleaning application/treatments. 

The solutions we use to clean are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and perfume free. It is safe for the whole family, including pets, and our environment.

Yes, we carry worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. We do have a business licensed but our industry does not require special licensing.

No, we are not a franchise. We are family owned and operated.

Pure Dry is committed to providing you with a quality, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning experience. If you are ever not satisfied with our service, we will gladly return to address any issues or concerns you may have. 

Yes, we do carpet restretching, repair carpet patches and burns, and fix frayed or bad seams.

We are able to get most spots out with our process. However, some spots may not come out depending on how they were previously treated and based on what was spilled.

We can treat all pet issues. While odors can become trapped in things like foam/pad/sub-floor etc. we guarantee to remove pet odors from carpet and upholstery fibers.