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Carpet Restretching: How to Get Wrinkles Out of Carpets

Wrinkles, bumps, and ripples in carpets aren’t only unsightly, but they’re also a tripping hazard which is why carpet restretching is the perfect solution for solving both of these problems. In addition to improving the carpet’s appearance and safety (especially for elderly residents and guests), restretching will prevent new wrinkles from forming, thereby extending the life of the carpet and saving you money in the long-run. Learn more about carpet restretching to see if this service is right for your needs. 

What is Carpet Restretching?

 Carpet restretching is a process where the carpeting is pulled tighter and resecured to the tack or anchor strips in the sub-flooring along the room’s perimeter. Carpets that are loose eventually form wrinkles and bumps that make the carpet look bad, increase the likelihood of tripping, and allow more space for dirt and debris to accumulate underneath the carpet. Most of the time, carpets need restretching because a ‘power stretcher’ wasn’t used in the original installation. When only a ‘knee kicker’ is used, the carpet will only look good for about two years before wrinkles or bubbles start appearing. From poor installation to regular wear and tear, there are a variety of reasons why carpets can become loose and need restretching. 

Why Do Carpets Need Restretching?

 One possibility why your carpet is looser is because the carpet’s seams weren’t properly secured when it was installed. Other reasons behind loose carpets include ripped seams, damaged tacking strips, or the carpet being pulled up in order to install new cabinets or other permanent fixtures. Whatever the reason is behind the carpet loosening, there are different signs you should watch out for so you can catch and fix the problem before someone trips and gets hurt. 

Signs that your carpet needs to be restretched:

  • Wrinkles, bumps, or ripples
  • Doesn’t lay flat or smooth
  • Edges are pulled up or lifted
  • Uneven wear
  • Able to pull the carpet more than 1” off the floor
  • Small bumps near or around heavy furniture

If you notice one or more of these signs in your carpet, then it’s probably time for your carpet to be restretched. However, the best way to check if your carpet needs restretching is to schedule a consultation appointment with a carpet installer sooner rather than later. 

Do-It-Yourself vs Hiring Professionals

 Since carpet restretching requires specialized tools and quite a bit of strength and energy, most people find it easier and less time-consuming to hire a carpet restretching service rather than doing it themselves. The cost alone for renting or buying the necessary tools typically prevents carpet owners from going the DIY route. Also, a professional carpet installer will typically offer some sort of guarantee. For example, Pure Dry Carpet Care offers a guarantee for the life of the carpet in the areas that we have repaired. 

Carpet Restretching Services

 Pure Dry Carpet Care in Sharpsburg GA provides a wide range of carpet services to clients throughout the area like carpet restretching, repair, installation, cleaning, and more. When you schedule a consultation, a certified technician will come to your home to inspect any carpet areas that may need restretching. Once the inspection is complete, the technician will go over your options which will include the prices and expected time frame for completion. Then, all you have to do is decide how you want to proceed with your carpet and we’ll take care of the rest. Schedule your carpet restretching consultation online or call 678-675-3312 today!