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6 Carpet Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Carpet cleaning is essential for a great-looking home as well as keeping you and your family healthy as carpets are a perfect breeding environment for bacteria which can cause infections. Regular and thorough cleaning is beneficial not only to home occupants’ health, but it also extends the carpet’s lifespan. Here are some simple carpet cleaning tips to help keep your carpet clean and in excellent condition. 

1. Act quickly to prevent stains.

Stains are easy to make and hard to get rid of, however, you can prevent them from forming by taking quick action. If the stain dries, it’ll be a lot more difficult to clean and it can cause damage to the carpet material. When liquids spill on your carpet, take immediate action so it doesn’t sink into the floor padding. 

2. Use appropriate cleaning products.

Chemicals can damage your carpet which is why you should use cleaning products that are designed for carpets. Stay away from products that use harsh chemicals as they can make stains worse than they were before. 

3. Avoid deodorizing powders.

When your carpet starts to smell funky, you may be tempted to use a deodorizing powder, but it’ll do more harm than good. Deodorizing powders can damage carpet fibers and lead to product build-up. Regular cleaning is the best and safest way to remove foul odors and keep your carpet smelling fresh. 

4. Take care of your cleaning equipment.

Not all cleaning equipment performs equally and some can even cause great damage. It’s crucial that your cleaning equipment is properly maintained to ensure it cleans rather than destroys your carpet. 

5. Vacuum at least once a week.

Vacuuming is key for extending your carpet’s lifespan which is why you should vacuum at least once a week – high traffic areas will need more. Move the vacuum cleaner slowly over the carpet to suck up deeper particles. For thicker carpets, take some extra time to go over the same area several times before going to the next section. 

6. Hire professionals for a deep clean.

Sooner or later, your carpets will need a deeper cleaning than a weekly vacuuming. We recommend getting carpeting cleaning services at least twice per year or when seasons change to ensure your carpets are truly clean and safe for home occupants. 

Carpet Cleaning Services For Your Home

By practicing these carpet cleaning tips, your carpet will maintain its quality for longer and make your home healthier. To achieve truly clean carpets, you should partner with trusted professionals. Pure Dry Carpet Care has been in the cleaning industry for over 5 years and provides a variety of services such as carpet repair and restretching, carpet cleaning, pet treatment options, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, and more to keep your home looking and smelling its best with non-toxic, hypoallergenic solutions. If you live in the Sharpsburg area, Schedule an appointment today or call us at 678-675-3312 for more information on our carpet cleaning packages!