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What Causes Carpet to Wrinkle or Buckle?

Improper carpet installation is the number one reason that carpet wrinkles or buckles over time. Many people feel like re-stretching is like an oil change, where it needs to be done every few years. However, this is not the case. If a carpet is stretched properly with the use of a Power Stretcher, you should never experience wrinkles due to installation.There are a few other reasons that your carpet could wrinkle or buckle, but they are very rare. Here is a list of those possibilities:

  • Installing in cold weather with no central heating system – The drastic change from cold weather to warm summers without any heating system can cause your carpet to buckle.

  • High humidity and fluctuation in weather – High humidity at the time of installation can affect the carpet. It’s best to let flooring acclimate to the environment that it will be installed in for at least 24 hours prior to installation. Also, if carpets are left in temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit for extended periods of time, this can lead to wrinkling.

  • Improper padding – You typically will want padding that is no greater than seven-sixteenths of an inch (7/16”) thick and no less than a six-pound density. Selecting improper padding can void the manufacturer’s warranty and lead to your carpet becoming wrinkled and buckled.

  • Delamination – This is when the carpet separates from the backing. This can be a result of a manufacturing problem or from excessive moisture. Improper cleaning or flooding can cause delamination, as well as someone trying to get a spot out with something not recommended for spotting. This can also occur from a pet urinating in one area excessively. At this point there isn’t too much that can be done. Re-stretching will fix the appearance of your carpets temporarily, but it will eventually buckle again.

  • Over-wetting – This can be caused by improper steam cleaning of the carpets. This typically occurs with small personal or rental machines, but it can also occur when a technician who isn’t properly trained or certified cleans your carpets.

My Carpet Is Wrinkled – Now What?If your carpet is wrinkled or buckled, it needs to be re-stretched. It’s best not to leave them wrinkled for too long, as those ripples could become more severe over time and could cause the carpet to crease. Who can you call to re-stretch your carpet? Call Pure Dry Carpet Care. We specialize in re-stretching and carpet repair with over 25 years of experience. We guarantee that where we re-stretch your carpet, you will never have a wrinkle again. By getting your carpet re-stretched, you can get many more years out of your investment and save yourself money on replacement costs. In most cases we can even work around furniture in the room or shift furniture when needed so you don’t have to worry about moving everything out of the room. Call us today at 678-675-3312 to find out more about our carpet re-stretching and repair services or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionally trained technicians.